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15 November 2021 - 19 November 2021
Brussels, Belgium
Populism and Civic Engagement Conference

Populism and Civic Engagement Conference

A conference summarizing research findings on populism in Europe, carried out within the Horizon 2020 research and innovation programme.

Across Europe, there is a rise of political movements that claim to challenge liberal elites and speak for the ‘ordinary person’ – movements that can be loosely categorised as ‘populist’. Many of these movements have undesirable tendencies. Populism and Civic Engagement (PaCE) project aims to combat the negative tendencies of populist movements, build upon the lessons of positive examples, and hence play a part in constructing a firmer democratic and institutional foundation for the citizens of Europe.

In this event, we aim to present findings from our research carried out by the PaCE consortium partner institutions and, together with participants and stakeholders, develop the approaches to connect research with policy-making. 

Thematic tracks

  1. Understanding populism
  2. New tools for understanding populism
  3. Policy actors response to populism

How to take part

PaCE conference is a hybrid event, divided into two parts:

  1. Expert roundtables - 15 November, 12:00-18:00, Residence Palace, Brussels
    In-person sessions run by PaCE leaders with the invited stakeholders: policy experts, civil servants, journalists, academics, civil society representatives.
    Session details can be found in the Agenda tab.

  2. Seminars - 17-18 November, online
    Open online webinars and workshops run by the PaCE researchers. 
    Session details can be found in the Agenda tab.

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